Our Members are our Patients

Access HealthNet deploys a variety of solutions. Our core employee benefit product, The Super Option allows patients to shop for common, non-emergent medical procedures like outpatient surgeries and lab work at no cost, or very low cost to them. Ask one of our team members about our programs today.

Making Healthcare Shoppable

Top Doctors

We select top rated facilities and physicians from across the country for our members. Ask your doctor which Super Option provider is best for you.

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Know the Price in Advance

Prices are pre-negotiated and fixed, so you know what your paying without any surprises.

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Financially Responsible

Savings are so dramatic with The Super Option that employers usually cover 100% of the patient contribution. Patients that have an HSA may be required by law to pay a small portion out of pocket.

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AHN hosts a breath of services designed to accommodate your non-emergent medical needs. Have a special request? Just call, we’re here to help.

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