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Thousands of Providers across the United States have joined The Super Option. Why? Our cloud-based technology solution links full-pay patients to their services which are typically paid for within 21 days. The idea? Revenue cycle management. We connect full-pay patients and timely payments to providers like you.
Prospective Bundling = Better Bundling.
Prospective Bundling requires that all aspects of a transaction are agreed to in advance. Our bundles cover shorter episodes of care, are nationally standardized, have defined risk corridors and allow providers to reject patients based on co-morbidities.

Grow Your Practice

New Patient Mix

Our partners incentivize patients to see the best providers.

Optimize Your Revenue

Get paid the right amount by the patients you already see.

Virtual Marketplace

Our cloud-based solution directly connects providers and payers.

How The Super Option Works

The Super Option makes it easy to bundle services and start receiving new, full-pay patients. We work with self-insured employers who seek providers with predictable rates so their employees can shop for the best value.

  • Integration with worksite/nearsite clinic
  • Employer-driven financial incentives via plan design
  • Embedded with employer-sponsored initiatives
  • Direct marketing to employees

A Better Solution


Bundles are a way for providers to deliver predicable value to self-funded plans and other payment agents, including insurance companies.


Providers set their own sustainable rates and we market them to employers who incentivize their employees.

Financially Responsible

The Super Option typically pays Providers within 21 days. No collections, no repricers, no attorneys.

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