The Super Option for Employers

The Super Option is a free-market solution that gives you control of your healthcare spend by giving you and your team access to thousands of flat-rate bundled medical events via our proprietary, fully-customizable, cloud-based platform.

Why The Super Option

Plan Design

Through plan design, employers can set parameters for procedure costs and provider distances and even incentivize employees for choosing cost-effective options.

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Activate Consumerism

More than 1,800 services are available through The Super Option. Click on the associated body part for a list of related services, or type key words and your zip code for services in your area. More than 100,000 bundles are available either online or with the assistance of our team.

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Your organization is unique. Customized worksite education, advocacy and digital marketing tools are just a few of the engagement strategies we utilize to meet your needs and goals.

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