Direct Contracts for Self-Funded Employers

The Super Option is a revolutionary employer-sponsored healthcare option that supplements your existing PPO by offering employees of self-funded plans exceptional quality and savings on frequently utilized health services.

How The Super Option Works

  • 1 Free-Market Pricing

    No more negotiating, repricing, or collections. Providers name their best price for clearly defined episodes of care and get paid within 21 days* or less.

  • 2 Fully Customizable

    Every plan’s cost and culture are different. The Super Option is easily customized to meet the unique needs and goals of every plan, regardless of size of organization or geographic distribution of employees.

  • 3 Engaging

    Shared savings and incredible value are the keys to success. Providers, employers and patients each benefit by working together. It’s a win, win, win.

The Super Option is beneficial for all parties.

Employers Get Access to Direct Rates

Let us prove the savings to you. We work with employers to analyze their historical spend, and prove the opportunity The Super Option provides.

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Patients Get Free or No-Cost Care

The Super Option is fully customizable. Through plan design, employers can set parameters for procedure costs and provider distances and even incentivize employees for choosing cost-effective options.

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Providers Can Name Their Price

Providers choose from over 1,100 standardized bundles, ranging from basic diagnostics to complex surgeries. They name their own price using our powerful bundling tool, which accommodates everything from global to multi-contract payment. This gives providers of all types the ability to offer all-inclusive bundles.

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More for Your Clients

Add value to the clients you already have while pursuing new opportunities. The Super Option helps Brokers, TPAs and other healthcare service distributors offer a product that helps clients gain predictability over their healthcare costs.

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