Bundled Services for Self-Pay Patients

Through your trusted primary care doctor, get access to hundreds of direct-pay bundles for non-emergent healthcare services at prices 10-80% lower than what’s offered through most plans.

The Super Option Direct is a National Network of Direct Contracts at Cash Rates

  • 1 Free-Market Pricing

    The Super Option Direct has pre-determined fixed, guaranteed case rates with thousands of providers.

  • 2 More than a Low Price

    Quality is the key to value, but convenience is important as well.

  • 3 Providers you can Trust

    The Super Option Direct works with value providers in your market that you already know and trust.

Enhancing the Value of DPC

  • With The Super Option Direct high-quality providers compete for your business by offering lower than average prices and warranted outcomes.
  • The AHN Member Services team guides patients through the process from start to finish.
  • Our stringent accreditation and selection criteria assure that only the best providers are included in our panel.
  • Pay cash or use a Credit Card to pay for services

How it Works

Hundreds of Services

Work with your doctor to request an appointment online, or you can call Access HealthNet directly to speak with a member of our Member Services Team.

Work with your Doctor

See physician qualifications, important details about the facility, accreditations, and announcements.

A Virtual Insurance Card

Super Option Direct members receive a virtual insurance card and appointment details for every procedure. Remember to present this ID when asked for insurance information to confirm you scheduled through The Super Option Direct.

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