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COVID and the changes to the healthcare delivery system it caused have created a new landscape where telemedical and Virtual Care are playing a much bigger role. PAM V is a combination of best in class mobile solutions and direct pay programs that aid employers and employees with accessing care and controlling out of pocket expenses.

How PAM Works

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  • 2 Virtually Connect with a PCP

    Use FaceTime to talk with a Primary Care physician.

  • 3 Keep Employees & Plans Healthy

    Save on Emergency Room and Urgent Care visits with on demand support.

PAM V is a mobile application that connects you to a suite of telemedical and virtual care providers as well as wholesale, direct contracted prices from thousands of providers across the country offering virtual and clinical care ranging from MRI’s to Pharmacy and lab work to surgery.

A Suite of Virtual Solutions

Access to a PCP

P.A.M. Virtual connects patients to a panel of primary care physicians and nurse practitioners throughout the country on a 24/7/365 basis. P.A.M. Virtual providers are primary care practitioners who do not work for a healthcare system, but instead have chosen to be independent, concentrating their efforts entirely on what’s best for their patients

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Virtual Physical Therapy

SimpleTherapy was designed to allow patients to self-treat minor injuries and to exercise or work harden their way to recovery with a carefully selected and guided series of stretches and exercises clinically matched to their injury and recovery goals.

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Expecting, New Mom and Parental Support

Momseze is a support and education solution that immediately connects parent employees to nurses, lactation consultants and baby care experts 24/7/365. Pregnancy, postpartum and newborn questions rarely arise when it’s convenient or during normal business hours. Momseze is available when and where parents need us whether they’re at work, traveling or at home

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On Demand Behavioral Health and Counseling

OM Healthcare makes accessing and affording visits with a range of behavioral health, wellness and lifestyle professionals easy. Patients access the care they need when and where they want at prices most can afford.

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An exclusive 50% discount on Pharmacy Wholesale Club

PWC is a new, revolutionary pharmacy program focused on helping members, with a mission to provide the lowest priced prescriptions in the industry. We also have pharmacy coaches to help educate and offer options for patients to save even more money including free in-home delivery.

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PAM V was designed to keep members safe and increase their access to affordable care.

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