The Super Option: A Health Savings Benefit

The Super Option is a health savings program and a free-market solution that activates competition and consumerism and supplements an employer’s existing PPO by offering increased value and enhanced choice. We work closely with employers and their healthcare distributors to integrate The Super Option into existing health and wellness plans. Because we’re able to secure contracts for bundled services at 50-70% below standard PPO rates, employers who offer The Super Option do so at minimal or no-cost to their members.
Patients want high quality, efficient care–not just for a day, but for an entire episode of care.
We understand the self-insured mentality. The Super Option offers patients all the care they need at prices that make employers willing to pay in-full, without compromising quality. Providers contracted with The Super Option are experienced, licensed and credentialed. Our cloud-based solution is administered through partnerships with healthcare Brokers and Third Party Administrators.

Why The Super Option

Prospective Analysis

We work with employers on their custom plan design that reflects their healthcare spending history.

Dashboard Reporting

Track your healthcare spend, year-to-date savings and employee utilization.

Advanced Engagement

Watch employee utilization of The Super Option increase with targeted marketing.

Advantages of Services

The Super Option is fully customizable. Through plan design, employers can set parameters for procedure costs and provider distances and even incentivize employees for choosing cost-effective options.

  • White labeled marketing materials
  • Dedicated implementation team
  • Dashboard metric reporting
  • Seamless wellness integration
  • Increased value and enhanced choice

The future of Healthcare


The Super Option is a shoppable marketplace where employees shop for healthcare services like they shop for everything else.


The Super Option promotes value-driven choices. Employees know what their procedures cost in advance and recognize their employer's contribution.


The Super Option has the potential to generate measurable savings for your business.

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