The Case for Partnership

We work closely with our Distribution Partners across the healthcare spectrum. The Super Option helps Brokers, TPAs and other healthcare service distributors offer a product that helps clients gain predictability over their healthcare costs.
The fundamental problem we are solving in the marketplace: the wide variation in healthcare cost and quality.
The Super Option is a cloud-based platform that aggregates pre-negotiated, bundled case rates for a broad range of services. Finally, a bundling solution that drives consumerism, lowers healthcare costs and seamlessly integrates with existing health and wellness programs.

Why The Super Option

Client Retention

Add value to the clients you already have while pursuing new opportunities.


We facilitate pre-negotiated, bundled services with transparent and competitive rates.

Activate Consumerism

Your clients want healthcare savings programs that make their employees active consumers.

Defining the Problem

For the same procedure you can pay wildly different costs depending on where you go. The Super Option solves the problem. We bundle transparent, composite, episodic case rates. We’re bringing not only pre-negotiated, directly contracted bundles with predictable savings, we're also maintaining high standards of quality medical care by partnering with the best providers in the business.

  • Generate measurable savings on a wide range of medical procedures
  • Competitive advantage
  • Integrates with current administrative processes
  • A dedicated implementation team

Business Growth Strategies

Market Expansion

Be a leader in the healthcare technology revolution and bring value to your clients.


An administrative platform that seamlessly administers bundles for planned healthcare events.


Help your clients manage and control their healthcare costs with the most effective solution on the market.

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