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We’re creating a marketplace where providers can directly work with employers, unions and other group buyers that self-fund. The goal? To meet at the sweet spot where providers find sustainability of excellence, and payers obtain value by applying free-market principles to the delivery and payment of healthcare.

Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive Innovation

Our one-of-a-kind cloud based bundling solution facilitates everything from shopping for and scheduling services, to billing and savings reports. Pre-negotiated bundled rates on a broad range of services is how we are able to control costs and maintain quality.



Providers name their price for standardized, manageable episodes of care (bundles) with The Super Option. In return for offering transparent value, typically providers get paid in-full, within 21 days.

Free Market Principals

Free Market Principals

In our world, healthcare prices are understandable and transparent. Patients know the price of services in advance and make choices about where to purchase services based on cost and quality.

Why Choose Access HealthNet and The Super Option

Revenue Cycle Management

Providers want full-pay patients, and self-funded plans want value. Repricers, claims reviews and collections agencies prevent both, so we cut them out.

Innovative Technology

Our proprietary technology platform, The Super Option, enables easy bundling, healthcare shopping, service scheduling and automated billing.

Affordable Healthcare

The Super Option aggregates pre-negotiated, flat-rate bundles with high-quality providers at competitive prices.






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